SHE ROCKS: Founder, Timea Gaines Shares the Vision Behind Creating a Platform for Elevating Women in the Arts

Timea Gaines is a leading PR and entertainment professional, enthusiastic about promoting positive people, brands and ideas. She is also the founder of the SHE Rocks Awards and Artist Showcase. As the CEO of Love Life Media she aims to bring positive Entertainment; Inspirational Pop Culture and so much more to the forefront.


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Timea’s idea for She ROCKS all started with the desire of putting together a short documentary for Women’s History Month. The documentary was to be directed at highlighting women working in specific fields and industries that she admired. As she researched different professions, she came across the fact that less than 30% of female visual artists across the world, do not have their artwork displayed in museums, as much as their male counterparts. Being that Gaines had a professional background in theatre, this struck a chord with her and she felt as though she wanted to do more. Gaines also took note of how many of her female friends, in the music industry, had expressed that people tended to make bias comments on their abilities. Some frequent comments they would receive were phrases like “she was killing it for a girl or you play bass real good for a girl”. It was through this awareness that Gaines decided she wanted to create the SheROCKS event.

We had the opportunity of speaking with Timea about her vision for She ROCKS, check out more of what she had to say:

Timea’s Street Intell:

“Women don’t get enough recognition as it is but its just not solely in the professional industry but it is also in the arts. And I feel like they need to be highlighted and recognized and know that that they are celebrated. I want women to know that they are not just good enough being a girl or women but they are good enough period.”
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